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QuikTrac software solutions provide a real-time connection to your host Enterprise Resource Planning system. This connection allows you to interact with your ERP system and/or host software and give you the flexibility to go mobile.

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QuikTrac Features & Benefits

Being able to reach your data in real-time and use it to your advantage eliminates mistakes and can put your company ahead of the competition. QuikTrac allows you to use your applications to their fullest potential by extending your ERP out to the point of entry.


QuikTrac offers four different products to help extend your applications:

QuikTrac Browser Interface

Our newest addition to the most powerful connectivity tool set on the market today!Takes your Host ERP/MRP, running in browser screens and extends them to fixed or portable data collection devices in Real Time in FOUR days or less! GUARANTEED

QuikTrac Browser Interface Features

  • No custom

    programming, or host modifications,

  • No re-loading

    of any software onto the data collection devices

  • Browser integration

    along with multiple data source connections to connect users to data.

  • Virtually Automated

    a scalable and secure data collection solution

QuikTrac iSeries

QuikTrac iSeries gives you the ability to integrate your existing iSeries application within days by simply extending your current functionality to where the data collection needs to occur. Using portable data collection, or mobile devices, in a LAN or WAN environment is a simple matter of “click, drag, drop” and you are ready to interact with your iSeries application.

Over the years, we have integrated into several iSeries ERP systems including: BPCS, INFOR LX including 8.1 and 8.2, MAPICS, INFOR XA including release 9.2, JD Edwards World, KBM, MAC PAC, System 21, MOVEX, PRMS, Global Software, Data3, Home Grown, Customize iSeries, and other Legacy iSeries ERP systems.

QuikTrac iSeries Features

  • Controlled Development

    With QuikTrac iSeries software solution, you can control all of your own development and implementation

  • No Coding

    QuikTrac iSeries is a screen integration tool that sits on top of your iSeries, therefore it does not touch any of your backend code

  • Easy Drag and Drop

    Simply Click, Drag, and Drop your host screens onto your mobile template

  • Simple

    No software loaded on your mobile device which means changes happen when you refresh the screen

QuikTrac Ai

QuikTrac gives you the ability to create your own screens for display on any TCP/IP addressable device. By using simple SQL statements, or stored procedures, you can connect to any ODBC compliant database. Creating the input fields, display areas, and connecting them to the proper tables and fields in your specific database is fast and simple. We have successful integrations into: Made 2 Manage, SyteLine, Microsoft AX, and now announcing Oracle!

QuikTrac AI Features

  • Fast Integration

    QuikTrac-AI is the screen development tool for integration into PC server applications

  • Easy Field Manipulation

    Simple to add fields onto your mobile device

  • Proven

    Use of SQL, or stored procedures to insert, select, update, and post information into your application

  • Controlled Growth

    You control your own development and can grow your project without programming experience

QuikTrac Mobile

QuikTrac Mobile gives you the ability to develop and integrate mobile application within days by simply extending your current functionality to where your data collection needs to occur. Works with Windows Mobile/CE and Android devices

QuikTrac Mobile Features

  • Fast Development

    With Quiktrac-Mobile software solution, you control all of your software development.

  • Stay Connected

    Work outside your facility with 3 options to sync your date via; Celluar, 802.11, or store-and- forward.

  • Easy to Use

    Using the QuikTrac development tools, your implementation is fast and easy.

  • Limitless Options

    Seamlessly integrate multiple 3rd party applications and options.

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