Solutions implemented in 4 days or less!

Data collection software/hardware solutions should not take weeks to install. With our QuikTrac software solution, we can have you up and running fast by extending your existing transactions out to fixed or portable devices in hours!

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About Us

Whatever your business, Integrated Barcoding can provide a data collection systems to meet your needs and improve your business performance. In business since 1988, Integrated Barcoding has grown from a hardware provider to a full-service data collection solutions provider. Integrated Barcoding specializes in bringing together hardware and software solutions and customizing them to meet the individual needs of each of our customers.

About Integrated Barcoding

Why We’re Different

With our unique approach, Integrated Barcoding will become a member of your implementation committee to ensure a successful completion of your project. Integrated Barcoding can provide:

  • Consulting

    With over 55 years of experience on our staff, we understand your issues and we can provide solutions to help you resolve them.

  • System Design

    Our team can provide you with a step by step system design flow from receiving thru shipping in a detailed document for your review.

  • Software

    We developed our own software solution tools over the years to meet our customer’s needs and give our clients the ability to make their own changes as needed.

  • Hardware

    We work with many hardware solutions so that we can recommend the right solution to resolve your hardware needs.

  • Integration

    Being able to integrate the hardware and software as one on a project eliminates a potential weak link.

  • Implementation

    Our team bring years of experience and knowledge on the hardware, software, wireless back bone, and even media solutions for your printers that are crucial to your success.

  • Training

    Our approach is to make sure your team has the ability to support yourself from making changes to projects, to creating new ones and being able to support your hardware solutions too.

  • Ongoing Support

    We are available to help answer all your questions when needed from software development, thru hardware OS upgrades.

Who We Are

  • Andy J. Jacobs, President

    Andy has more than 25 years experience in the sales and implementation of barcode data collection software solutions worldwide. As President of Integrated Barcoding, Andy brings his vast personal knowledge of total data collection solutions to Integrated Barcoding customers whether they are a local tool and die manufacturer or a global automotive industry provider. Andy has led the Integrated Barcoding's sales and technical teams to meet the customer’s needs by offering hardware, service/support solution and media products to accompany their software solutions. Andy has worked closely with Integrated Barcoding software architects who have developed state-of-the art software solutions such as Integrated Barcoding’s flagship solution - QuikTrac®.

  • Ray Toren, Lead Consultant

    Ray has over 33 years experience in the warehousing and manufacturing industries. As an end user of barcode data collection solutions, Ray has considerable expertise in a number of ERP solutions and systems. Since joining Integrated Barcoding, Ray like Andy has worked closely with QuikTrac® software architects to continue to bring Integrated Barcoding customers a total data collection solution to meet their needs. Ray has been crucial in a number of key Integrated Barcoding software installations as well as by providing ongoing technical support to QuikTrac® end users.